As promised, I said i”d update the website as we progressed, so here are some images and a brief update.

The Euston Underpass project is well underway and the team have worked hard to keep the project running to schedule for mid October. Working in just one lane on a busy main road through London is challenging to say the least. In such a small area, lifting large sheets of steel cladding into position and working on this project means we need to plan, organise and follow clear processes and have strict safety measures in place.

The West Side cladding is going up fast and looking good with the East side carriage not far behind. If jameshallison casino you pokies online had seen my previous post you would have seen the artist impression of the steel framed digital advertising screens hanging above underpass entrance. In just a few weeks, the site will be transformed and the latest digital advertising site in London will be born.

For now, see the images below following the project from the manufacturing plant to the cladding going up on site. There are more images of the Euston project and other Solutions in Steel projects on our gallery page.

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More updates on the Euston project in the next couple of weeks and I may have news on a potential new project!



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