In it’s latest project Solutions in Steel has installed a twin screen digital advertising structure on the M5 at Birmingham.

The M5 Digital Tower, which stands an impressive 26m from ground level targets advertising at motorists traveling in both directions on the Motorway at Oldbury, between junctions 1 and 2.

Commissioned by Ocean Outdoor the screen is the big brother to the recent A13 project in London Docklands – one of the first roadside screens in the country that can show full motion advertisements.

Incorporating high specification Lighthouse Impact 16 screens, the twin screens measure 9m high by 6m wide – broadcasting advertising images to drivers heading northbound towards M6 and southbound towards M42.

Groundworks for the screen atoledo structure were complicated by both a small work area, 30sqm, and the proximity of casino online a canal, which meant crews were piling into very wet ground, by using a specialist method 16 piles of
15m depth were used.

Another construction obstacle for Solutions in Steel (SIS) to overcome was a bridge with a weight limit restricted to 38 tonnes, the only access route to the site. The architectural steel structure was
transported in sections and was within this limit but the crane was not.

The crane had to be striped down before traveling to site, once across the bridge the crane was rebuilt and lifted the screens sections in place. It took just two days for SIS crews to install the structure.

Planners insisted Solutions in Steel was to clad the exterior of the architectural steel structure in a galvanised mesh in order to
streamline its look.




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